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We can advise you on other parts of your trip. We have, over time, forged interesting relationships with people who are like us: passionate about their regions and involved in relationships with their customers. It will be a pleasure for us to be able to share it with you.


In the morning, we will introduce you to the shaman of our village, who will lead you in a ceremony of about an hour, to welcome you, but also to protect you from evil spirits that revolve around us.

Animism was once the predominant religion in the various Thai ethnic groups, and existed before Buddhism.

Many Thais perceive the world as being invaded by dangerous entities. To defend against the inexplicable, they create unconventional ways to appease their imagination.

To understand why this mixture of beliefs is possible, simply remember this sentence:
 "Buddhism is not interested in the present world, it needs the Animism that deals with it. Buddhism can deliver essential anxieties while Animism alters the present and intervenes in today's world. Through Buddhism, men seek a way of salvation out of life; by animism happiness and health in life’’


THE GIFT OF LAND OF SIAM :  A private ceremony where nothing is for sale. No frills for tourists. Purely traditional and original

Continue to northern Isaan and to Laos ...

  THAI ISAAN ADVENTURE, created by Jeff, a French enthusiast of the region Isaan, you will discover sites of unsuspected beauty, between the central plain and the banks of the majestic Mekong River. THAI ISAAN ADVENTURE offers itinerant tours of several days by car, or motorbikes. A stroll as far as possible from the tourists.
For an efficient transition between LAND OF SIAM VOYAGE and THAI ISAAN ADVENTURE, we generally offer the city of PHIMAI, to enjoy the visit of the most beautiful Khmer temples in the region and its very informative museum.

Bangkok as you did not imagine...

  Nico knows all the nooks and crannies of the Thai capital. If you want to visit the Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha, you do not need his services. On the other hand, if you are interested in discovering Bangkok in a new and original way, he and his team will spoil you.
To optimize transfers, the meeting point is located in the remarkable and unmissable ancient capital of Siam: Ayutthaya.

Direction Cambodia and its wonders...

   Mr. Tan will be happy to welcome you to the border between Thailand and Cambodia. We'll be here too, to make sure you get off to Angkor Wat and its wonders. Mr. Tan, a French-speaking Cambodian, loves his country and he loves to share his knowledge.   

Visit Khao Yai National Park...

 Mr. Boon, Thai national guide specialist of the most beautiful national park of the country: Khao-Yai, and his lovely wife, are the owners of a bed & breakfast 20 meters from Pakchong station and they will welcome you with their smile and their kindness. You can then organize with him your visit to the national park. A dynamic and perfectly anglophone couple, who will bend over backwards to help you.

Relax on a beach…just a beach...

On the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, I propose a beach, not deserted, but well away from the noise and very friendly. Want a cheap and relaxing place? With your bungalow overlooking the sea? Do not search anymore ! This private beach run by a nice Thai family is for you. Snorkeling, sea fishing, kho-samet island, more, activities are not lacking!

If you are interested in one of its extensions for your stay, please specify it in your quote request. However, if you have not found what you want, a particular place you want to visit, or activities other than those proposed, send us a message with your wishes by clicking the button below :

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